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Become a founder! LEAP is an Early Access game and this is your opportunity to become one of our chief supporters. This upgrade and some of its bonuses will only be available to members during early access. The Founders Edition Upgrade allows players to commit additional support to LEAP's development, and as a thank you, we have included some exclusive items and perks in this bundle. Once we exit early access, it's gone forever. Flaunt your custom skins and enjoy perks such as franchise keychains and experience bonuses.

Founders Display.png

The LEAP Founders Edition comes with a lot of cool stuff, including:


  • Exclusive Jojo exosuit skin for each class

  • The legendary Boost Moose personal vehicle

  • A summer-ready Exotube personal vehicle, 

  • Three player taunts

  • Four weapon keychains

  • 20,000 currency credits to purchase more great items in the Black Market

  • Three single-use 2x XP bonuses

  • Access to exclusive founders-only events

Buy Now.png
$19.99 USD + taxs

Throughout early access as we add additional content, we may opt to award additional items to founders. Any new items added would be retroactively be given to existing founder's dlc owners. 

Thank you for your support!

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