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Friday Warfare Is Coming!

That's right Mercenaries, Friday means war.

You may be asking why Friday? Where is our wonderous Wednesday warfare? Do not fear Friday will be a glorious battle of mercenaries v mercenaries and the following week we'll go back to normal. But that does not mean we'll be going easy on any of you, this is war after all! Incoming special instructions:

Special Instructions
  • (August 25th) event will run from 3:30pm EST until 4:30pm EST

  • This game mode will be a rotation of Stomping Grounds, Control, Asset Assassination, and Team Annihilation played through our various game matches

  • Please join the server "Devs + Community Jam"

  • Everyone is welcome to join - this is crossplatform

Prizes for Joining
  • 2500C// sweet sweet credits to buy yourself some luxury guns, decals, and skins in the Black Market

As a reminder, we run our in-game chats over Discord so if you’d like to join the action feel free to enter the voice chat with our dev team and community!

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