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It's Time to S-S-S-S Snipe!

Good afternoon Mercenaries,

If you couldn't guess from my witty title we're going to be dueling this Friday with Snipers only and as an added bonus why not through in a shotgun to mix up close combat? This mod is brought to you by the fabulous TH_Mrow so be sure to snipe him as much as possible!

Special Instructions

In this mod, you're equipped with only a sniper rifle and a shotgun, your goal shoot the enemy before being shot.

  • Friday (Aug 18th) event will run from 3:30pmEST until 4:30pm EST

  • Join the server “Devs + Community Jam” to LEAP in!

  • Everyone is welcome to try this mod out, be sure to HAVE FUN - this mod is crossplatform

Prizes for Joining
  • A 2x Contract Bonus

As a reminder, we run our in-game chats over Discord so if you’d like to join the action feel free to enter the voice chat with our dev team and community! That’s all for now folks, feel free to ask any questions and if you’d like to be a part of our community please LEAP on into the Discord by clicking the link below.


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