Devs v Community Event: Swords & Stars

Wednesday Wonderland!

Calling all our Mercenaries, our winter training mode is in full swing! Next stop Mount Borealis for some special stealthy training activity, this is a Wraith-only training so pull out that cape and get ready for some action!

Special Instructions

This game mode will be a Wraith-only event

  • Sword only

  • Throwing Knives only

  • Super fast invisibility is a GO!

Starting tomorrow (June 15) at 4pm EST (running for 1 hour) we’ll have our Wraith Only event. Anyone is welcome to join we’ll have the official server called “Swords and Stars” ready so just jump in when you can.

Prizes for Joining

2500C// sweet sweet credits to buy yourself some luxury guns, decals, and skins in the Black Market

Stay tuned this Friday for our next community game!

If you want to LEAP into the Discord, we have an active community taking part in events and hosting ones similar to these. So if you'd like to join some really cool Mercenaries, head on in!