Friday is now Golden - Entering Golden Salvo Mod!

Hello Mercenaries,

Our Friday mod event is nearly here, this week we have something golden up our sleeves, I’m going to turn this over to Marcus who created this mod to give us a little snippet of what’s in store:

"Uh oh, looks like someone mixed up the loadouts with the Golden Rocket Launcher supply!"

With Golden Salvo, you spawn with only a Golden Rocket Launcher as a weapon. Time to cause some chaos on the battlefield!” - Marcus Mod creator/dev team

That’s right, this golden rocket launcher mod is coming out Friday - we have done some prep to speed things up, and have decreased spawn times from 12 seconds to 4 seconds so you can LEAP right back into the action!

“Get ready for an hour of endless laughter” - Drew dev team

  • Friday’s event will be at 4pm EST, everyone is welcome to try this mod out, be sure to join the server “Devs + Community Jam” to LEAP in!

  • A 2x Contract Bonus

You're welcome to join us this Friday for our weekly mod event, and if you can't make it we invite you to watch our stream on Twitch and ask any questions you may have while we fight it out head to head.

LEAP on Twitch

If you want to LEAP into the Discord, we have an active community taking part in events and hosting ones similar to these. So if you'd like to join some really cool Mercenaries, head on in by clicking the image above!