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*UPDATED* Game Jam Monday Funday!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

We have ants, beaches, lava and a pretty rad CN Tower/Skydome mash-up!

Well, we had a jam-packed lineup for our studio's first ever-game jam with the community! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who were able to make this event, we had a great time and it was our first time running a dev stream as well. We’re going to continue to stream our events as often as we can. Please LEAP over to Twitch and follow our channel (if you can) LEAP on Twitch!

With that being said we’re happy to say our Monday's game will be a recap of our game jam games, so if you missed out on Tuesday, get ready for our Friday event!

The Game Mods

LEAP’s Mod support has been something the team actively working on improving and pushing the limits to see what’s possible in the game. This is why we’re running game jams, not only let out some creativity on the team but also to assist our community by showing just how far LEAP’s modding can be pushed!

Ants Kitchen

You’re smol like ant size smol, and you not only are tasked to annhilate another team but both teams must be aware of killer ants! Armed with automatic riffles, these killer ants are not to be messed with, they sting!

The 6ix

Swinning through The 6ix looking fly (not the buzz buzz kind of fly but like the cool kind), equipped with a jet pack and an incredible speed boost, you’ll finally feel what it’s like to be an arachnid-man hybrid. Residents of The 6ix do not sleep, craving too much gun action.

Attack in Lava

Don’t touch the hot stuff or you’ll be burned. Literally! Equipped with a grapple and a jet pack you need to stay high above the ground, dodging enemies rocket launchers and sword attacks before the rising lava consume you. Watch out because each hit packs a punch that’ll send you flying!

Breezy Beach

Don’t let this tropical paradise fool you, it’s anything but peaceful here. It is a race against your fellow mercenaries to grab the best guns. It’s a shoot or be shot kind of vacation. You better move fast or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.

Event Details

  • Starting at 4pm EST on Monday July 11

  • Servers will run a little differently than usually and will need to manually join since they’re all modded modes. So we’ll start at 4pm and go from mod to mod. (Example: Team A server first, once that’s wrapped up we’ll do Team B and so on and so forth)

  • Server names:

  • Team A

  • Team B

  • Team C

  • Team D

  • Everyone is welcome to join and Stream!


  • A 2x Contract Bonus

  • -Chance to win a KovaaK’s game key (3 winners will be drawn at random)

If you want to LEAP into the Discord, we have an active community taking part in events and hosting ones similar to these. So if you'd like to join some really cool Mercenaries, head on in!

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