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Incoming New Content Update

It’s a good morning to LEAP into paradise!

Introducing Special Operations Horizon (PVE)

One look at this beautiful island getaway will have you ditching your weapons to soak up the sun by the beach…Although if we know anything from our previous maps, this island paradise is anything but peaceful. Be on high alert for an onslaught of UEDC warriors as they attempt to take control over this idyllic paradise and seize control of the base elevator. Be warned, these soldiers are anything but forgiving and will shoot on sight.

(New) Special Operations: Horizon

This new PVE map operates in three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each less forgiving than the next. In order to best secure victory, assemble a strong group of mercenaries to take down these foes before entering into battle.

You will start your mission deployed at the beach where the enemy is waiting…

Protect the safe zone before the UEDC can seize control over the area.

LEAP into the elevator hunting ground…

Defend your position and defeat the enemy to become victorious!

New & Updated Mods

Snipers vs Runners (Updated)

Waiting for matches is better than ever, with a brand new waiting room. As you’re waiting for this mod to start check out the new spectator window, or cause destruction in the various mystery rooms sprinkled throughout. TH_Mrow has created a lot of chaos just in the waiting room, be sure to check out just how crazy this mod can be!

(New) Pillars Heaven

“That’s a lot of pillars” - TH_Mrow With a mixture of One in the Chamber and the Floor is Lava, this new map is anything but forgiving. Find your way through the many pillars and shoot your enemy, you only have one bullet so make it count, or you’re left with only your fists to fight.

(New) Floor Is Lava

Armed only with your fists you need to knock out your fellow mercenaries or pray they fall captive to the molten floor beneath them. TH_Mrow has added a brand new dash that quickly gets you from A to B. Use this maneuver to avoid your opponents, or sneak up quickly to slam your fists into them, yeeting them off the map!

Patch Notes


  • Added new Horizon Special Operations map

  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to climb above one of the ships on Haze

  • Fixed various art issues on Mirage, Mount Borealis and Redrock

Modding support

  • Added the ability for mod makers to use the ReturnFlag function

  • Added the ability for mod makers to use the DropFlag function


  • Improved server stability


  • New streamer icons added

That's all for now folks, please tune into our next update, alongside our weekly events! We will share more information on an upcoming PVE team event soon. For now, if you have any questions please let us know by reaching out on Discord or over social.

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