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LEAP Going Free?

Are you hearing things? Do your eyes deceive you? That’s right, we are bringing exactly what you all have been asking for, LEAP is coming to you free on consoles and PC for a free weekend event! Get ready to LEAP in with your friends and join the absolute chaos that LEAP has to offer.

Free Weekend Event

Our free weekend event will be running across all of our supported platforms - Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X. If you've been waiting to try LEAP, now's the time! Starting April 27 LEAP will be free to try for the duration of April, and to sweeten the deal, LEAP will be heavily discounted to match the energy of this event.

Be sure to wishlist or bookmark these links to ensure you’re ready to easily access the game for the Free Weekend.

For PC players please take note that LEAP on Steam will be run through our LEAP Playtest App, where you will find a ‘FREE’ button on the Steam page which will give you access to the free version of the game.

Overwolf x LEAP

We’ve been humbled to work alongside the talented group at Overwolf to create some amazing UGC content; we’re constantly blown away by how creative the community has been in developing their very own FPS within LEAP! You won't want to miss a single beat from our Free Weekend event, with loads of prizes including 6 Alienware PCs and daily draws for keys; the Overwolf team is working on something truly extraordinary!

LEAP on over to the Overwolf Curseforge page and check out the details for the free weekend event:

Create the FPS of your Dreams

If you've ever dreamed of creating your own FPS experience, where you decide every aspect of its design, now is your chance. With the creativity housed in LEAP’s Design Works, you’re free to build your very own mod within LEAP. You can check out the documentation here and if you’re interested in modding please head over to the LEAPForge Discord - a warm welcome and skilled modders are there to lend a helping hand.

LEAP Roadmap?

Here's a look at what's next in LEAP's future - brace yourselves, there's a plethora of stuff coming, you're now getting a first look at the major updates and milestone events planned in the next few weeks and months.

Content Creators Collaboration

We're fortunate to work with talented content creators who share our vision of growing a vibrant community. We strongly encourage any content creators to join our Blue Isle Studios creator program to receive some pretty awesome perks!

This is a relatively new program for us, and as our community grows we’ll be adding additional perks and rewards for creators. If this is something you are interested in, do not hesitate to join ( or reach out if you have additional questions to:

Game Updates

After sharing those juicy event details we move over to some game updates with this latest patch.

Incoming!! More UGC has Arrived!

That’s right, our modders have been hard at work creating some really exciting mods for the community, and we can not wait for you to try them out. All these mods are cross platform so feel free to LEAP on in when we run Mod Friday events for some truly creative chaos!

Here are a few of the mods that have been added or been updated with more content:

Only Dragons

One Bullet, One Kill

Sniper VS Runner

More Enemies PVE Mod

Community Events

Several of you are familiar with our community events that are held every Wednesday and Friday to introduce LEAP to new players and answer any questions they may have. With more mods coming to LEAP we would like to continue to promote our Mod Friday events to showcase the community’s creativity. As mentioned before, if you are interested in creating mods for LEAP please feel free to join the LEAPForge Discord group. We’ve got the Overwolf and LEAP teams in there to help answer any questions you may have. Additionally, if you’d like to participate in our Wild Warfare Wednesday or Mod Friday events feel free to join our Official LEAP Discord and grab the @seeder role to be notified about these events.

Controller Support

You’ve asked and we are listening. A lot of our community members have been asking for an update to the controllers to allow a more personalized experience. We’ve added more ways for you to customize your controls by adding a deadzone and curve response linearity to the controller setup.

Patch Notes

Weapons and Abilities
  • Fixed an issue where the Freedom fire LMG could cause client crashes on consoles

  • Lowered the damage and size of the lava trigger in the Valley’s, Special Operations final zone

  • Various foliage and mesh hole fixes on Valley, Haze, Cataclysm, and Mount Borealis

  • Fixed an issue where players using controllers could not change pages in the server browser

  • Fixed in-combat telegraphing for the deploy screen

  • Fixed power swords not dealing damage in the practice range

  • Fixed an issue where the player could be put inside meshes or below the map when getting off a personal vehicle

  • Fixed an issue where the line of fire perk would not function

  • Fixed an issue where enemy icons on the deploy screen would block selection of bases and squad-mates for spawning

  • Fixed an issue where the dropped Core icon on the deploy screen would block selection for squad spawning

  • Added Analog curve response linearity setting

  • Added Analog deadzone minimum setting

  • Added new streamer graffiti

  • Fixed an issue where controller players were only able to increment their sensitivity in increments of 5

  • Fixed an issue where controller players would not be able to navigate to all the taunt slots in the armory, which only applied when players had 4 or less taunts unlocked.

Modding support
  • Fixed a crash when setting up a Core spawn to be capture only, and capturing on it

  • Added a toggle to allow the Core to be picked up while on a personal vehicle

  • Added a toggle to personal vehicles to prevent abilities and other actions from exiting the vehicle.

What else is coming?

Isn’t the mystery of the unknown just a little bit fun? In the days leading up to the free weekend, we will provide more details and if you’d like to be a part of our community and join our weekly matches against the devs feel free to LEAP into our Discord channel or just come in and say hi. We’re all pretty friendly.

That’s all for now, see you in-game Mercenaries!

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