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LEAP Mod Support is HERE!

Hello to all Mercenaries!

We are absolutely ecstatic to share that modding support is here - presenting LEAP Design Works! From day one, we wanted LEAP to become a tool to create your own FPS. Not only are you free to customize the game however you wish, you can actually create entirely new FPS experiences. With our modding tools, LEAP can become almost anything you can imagine. We have exposed nearly everything in the game for you to work with, and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding new example content to get you started easier and faster.

We want to express a huge thank you to - they made setting up and creating mods an absolute breeze.

Lets Get Modding

Step 1

Currently you will need to own a copy of LEAP in order to access the modding tools. To locate and download them, please head on over to the Epic Game Store and download the modding tool. ( Please be sure to have LEAP properly downloaded prior to the mod tools and ensure your game version is up to date.

Step 2

With the modding tools in place you can head on over to: (, there you will have access to all of our modding documentation. Please note this is a live document and over time we’ll be adding and adjusting this based on updates to the game.

Modding Tutorial Videos

To jumpstart your mods, we’ve put together some short video tutorials for those who may be new to modding or want to create something unique and fun. And who knows, perhaps in the future we may even host one of these mods as an official LEAP server.

Part One: Getting the Editor and Starting a Mod

This video will cover how you can download the mod editor tools and how to set up your very first mod.

Part Two: Making a Custom Class

In this tutorial will give you the blueprints on how you can create your very own custom class in LEAP

Part Three: How to make a Mutator

This video will go over the steps on how to set up a mutator

Part Four: Publishing your Mod

Next we’ll go over how to publish your mod, be sure in this step to be signed into your Steam account and have it running in the background to properly publish your mod.

Part Five: Setting up a Modded Server

The last part in our modding tutorial is going over the steps to get your published mod playable on a server in LEAP!

LEAP Modding Documentation

We have a pretty in-depth step-by-step setup for our Mod Documentation. Please click here to read all about it (!


Q. What can we mod in LEAP?

A. Nearly everything can be modded!

  • All maps (a majority of environment art)

  • All weapons

  • All player classes and models

  • All abilities

  • All game modes

  • AI’s

Q. Will there be modding events in the future?

A. Absolutely YES! We plan on making some epic contests for our modders to help bring your creators to life! Not only that but we do want to encourage our community to grow and develop their own FPS games within LEAP.

Q. Are there any mods in LEAP currently?

A. Yes! We launched our modding support with our first in-house game jam mod from our team. We incourage you to try out the mod “IcyDay”. Additionally, all our community events that are “Wraith only”, “Rocket only” events have been in-house mods. When we say that the sky is the limit, we’re not joking! :)

Final Notes

We wish to thank the LEAP community once again for all their support. There is much more to come, and we really appreciate the kind support as we continue to develop the game. Mod support is one of those elements that we know will help boost the excitement of the game allowing you to create anything you desire.

Those of you who are modders can jump in our Discord, we're happy to assist you with any questions you may have, or if you need feedback or support from the community, feel free to join us.

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