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LEAP’s first Game Jam!

Time to get Jammy

Hello Mercenaries, thank you for all your active participation in LEAP’s development. As you know the team is dedicated to updating LEAP and bringing as much new content to build up our player base. With that being said, it’s time to LEAP into the new stuff we have coming your way!


Starting July 5th, our team will split into groups of 4 and will conduct an internal Game Jam, which by the EOD (roughly 4:30pm EST) we’ll stream our mods here on Steam and have the community join in and vote for the winning mod!

In order for you you all to play the mods, check below on the 4 different team names, they will be the mods available at 4:30pm EST on Tuesday (July 5th). We’ll jump into the matches based on the team order below.


Starting at 4:30pm EST we’ll go through each of the mods listed below and follow the list below from 1 to 4.

  1. LEAP Mod Team A

  2. LEAP Mod Team B

  3. LEAP Mod Team C

  4. LEAP Mod Team D


Once the mods are all played, we’ll have a vote on which one is your favourite. You can only choose one mod, to keep things easy, we’ll put up a tally in the Discord and also a post on STEAM for voting.


This game jam will take place of our Wow-tastic Wednesday’s, but we’ll still hold a Friday Mod jam! You may be wondering why we’re running these events, this is a way for our team to let out some creativity and really push the boundary of what LEAP could be! We want fans of the FPS genre to look at LEAP’s modding as a blank canvas, to allow yourself to go wild and create any FPS you’d like to see in the market today. The more the team is versed in modding, the better we’re able to help all of you with any modding questions you may have. As we continue to build content out for LEAP we want to ensure our best foot moving forward, and we can’t thank this community enough for all your hard work and support!

If you have any modding questions, please feel free to ask them below and we’ll do our best to get the best answer you way.

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