Closed Playtest Recap + New Playtest

Hello fellow Mercenaries!

First and foremost, we thank all participants who took part in our last closed playtest. We received a lot of solid feedback which has led to brand new changes, bug fixes, balancing changes, and a few more important playtests to come!

We initially developed Special Operations to assist our more casual players, as PVP can be a bit daunting for new players. Our playtesters’ feedback has helped us improve this new game mode to provide an experience that is suitable for casual and experienced gamers alike! We’re now working on our next steps…

Full Speed Ahead!

The new Special Operations mode had a lot of solid feedback and some important elements that have undergone changes for optimal gameplay such as:

  • Artifact Timer: The timer has been adjusted to be more lenient, we’ve increased the time players will have to complete their in-game objectives

  • Concise Waves: To lessen any confusion on which wave players are currently on, we’ve adjusted the UI to be easier to understand. And for late joiners, we’ve fixed the bug that was preventing you from knowing what wave you’re on.

  • Titan For Everyone: On entry, Titan was the default class. That has been switched to Pathfinder to better reflect a well rounded starter loadout.

  • Enhancing Enemy Variants: Enemy variants now spawn differently, and will ramp up in difficulty as waves progress.

  • Additional Improvements:

  • Doubled the width of capture zones

  • A more concise wave description

  • Many quality of life and bug fixes currently in the works, stay tuned!

What’s Next for Special Operations Mode?

Brand New Maps

Redrock was the only map that was played during the closed playtest, but we'll be adding a lot more maps into the rotation soon.

Game Objectives

Each time you enter a match, your team's objective will be randomly generated. During each match, there will be a different objective, some may be Asset Assassinations, Capture the Core, among others!

Bronze, Silver, Gold and More?

Come together with your fellow mercenaries to face three different levels of difficulty. This PVE mode was created to be inclusive for all levels and play styles, and with that in mind, we can already see how strong and competitive a lot of you are which means more challenges are yet to come!

Our Next Playtest

Our team is glad that you all understand that we're adding to the game, not taking away any modes from it. Our next playtest will focus on our Special Operations mode as we continue to make improvements, but we will also make our PVP game mode available for anyone who would prefer to play that instead. We are always looking for feedback, so choose whichever mode you would like to join during that time.

Our next playtest date is April 20th from 12pm - 3pm EST and it will once again be a closed playtest.

For anyone who is looking to take part in this playtest we’re sending out a bunch of new game keys, so if you haven’t signed up on our website yet please click the link below as this will be a first come first serve basis.

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