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Devs + Community Gaming Session

Join the developers and community members in our weekly gaming matches!

Wow-Tastic Wednesday!

Our weekly Developer + Community gaming session is coming back at yah once again. To all our amazing mercenaries out there we hope you can join these gaming sessions!

Special Instructions
  • Wednesday's event will run from 4pm EST until 5pm EST

  • This game mode will be a rotation of Stomping Grounds, Capture the Core, Control, and Team Annihilation played through our various game matches

  • Please join the server "Devs + Community Jam"

  • Everyone is welcome to join!

Prizes for Joining
  • 2500C// sweet sweet credits to buy yourself some luxury guns, decals, and skins in the Black Market

Why are we doing these mini-events

Great question! As LEAP is still very new our goal has been to work closely with all of you, our community members to great a game that's at its very core an Absolute Blast! These community events are a great way for the devs to see how you all play, what kind of issues could occur in-game, stress testing matches, game-changing ideas that will better fix for increased players and so much more.

Are these events always the same?

Absolutely NOT! We will continue to run normal matches playing game modes like: Stomping Grounds, Capture the Core, Control, and Team Annihilation.

For our Friday events, we would like to continue running modded events, which could include developer-created mods or community-created mods. We saw how successful modding can be for LEAP and we really want to continue to push the box and be as creative as possible! The sky is the limit everyone, so if you want an FPS with cat launchers or zombies chasing after you while collecting IDK 8 mystery pages, that could all be possible!

Screenshot from one of our dev game jams, where the team made a zombie shooter

We're working around the clock with new updates for LEAP, so tune in for those new beats coming your way soon. And if you missed out, we recently launched our MOD Support, if that's something you're interested in please check it out here:

If you want to LEAP into the Discord, we have an active community taking part in events and hosting ones similar to these. So if you'd like to join some really cool Mercenaries, head on in!

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