Hotfix 14.06.2022

This Hotfix has us LEAPing with joy!

Thank you to all the mercenaries out there making LEAP an even better experience. The team has been working on a lot of quality of life updates, squashing bugs, and improving optimization. All the feedback you've all been giving us has been amazing, and the community members who have been actively finding new ways to...break the game, we love you! Thank you all again for the support, we have a lot more news coming your way real soon, but today we have another hotfix.

We're going to continue with our community devs v player events, so be on the lookout for that announcement later today.

HOTFIX : 14.06.2022

Weapons and Abilities

  • Broad pass on weapon recoils and spreads

  • Slight cooldown reduction for wraith cloak ability

  • Higher initial sword reflect cost (from 5 to 10)


  • Adjusted ambient soundtrack for Cataclysm

  • Team Annihilation spawn improvements

  • Wide balance pass on capture rates for objectives in Special Operations

  • Reduced size of playable area for Asset Assassination

  • Fix for Alpine Basin loot spawners that could spawn items in safezones

  • Moved some AI spawn and soft boundary locations in Redrock


  • Fixed wrong skins applied on killcam

  • Added "quit to menu" button from match end screen

  • Server admins can now join full servers

  • Fixed a bug causing valid contractor bonuses to be hidden

  • Fixed an issue where the score board entries started at 2

  • Fixed controller keybindings automatically binding once a face button was pressed

  • Fixed some contractor bonuses which were not working

  • Added mod auto download support for linux servers

  • Fixed friendly fire not working with the golden rocket launcher

  • Added class icons to items in the black market

  • Dying via non character sources is now considered a death

  • Fixed a bug where warning effects doesn't clear thunderblast if the player using it was killed while charging

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with leaving matches and rejoining as a party


  • 10% reduction in Asset damage reduction (ie, nerf Asset health)

  • Larger refill station radius

  • -Updated localization

  • Fix for a graffiti name

  • Added another streamer graffiti

For anyone who would like to join our Discord. We're encouraging people who would like to interact with fellow Mercenaries to jump in, the dev team is also in the Discord and can help provide feedback and support. Anyone looking to seed servers or would like to find people to jump into matches with we have a section on the Discord for that. It's not a permanent solution, but as we work to grow the game and push towards bigger and better updates these are ways we can help LEAP grow!

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