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LEAP into our Open Playtest!

Hello fellow Mercenaries, the time has come where we need the most elite fighting forces to LEAP into action and join this epic battle!

Our second open playtest is finally dropping! When you may ask? LEAP’s open playtest will take place this Friday, May 6 starting at 10am PST and will run until May 7th at 6pm PST.

How To Request Access?

For anyone who has not yet joined our closed playtests, you’ll request access to LEAP via Steam starting on May 6th. No keys required!

I have LEAP and/or LEAP Playtest Clients

‘LEAP’ Client

You’ll need to request access to the playtest client that will be done over on Steam. Just hit the ‘request access’ and we’ll give you access to the game.

‘LEAP Playtest’ Client

Woohoo! You’re already a step ahead and will be ready to participate in LEAP’s open playtest. Be sure to update your game prior to May 6 so you’ll be ready to jump into the action right away.

We’ve enlisted our friends over at Nitrado to recruit their best fighters; if you wish to grab yourself an early key, you can head on over to their Discord server.

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