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LEAP into the New Year with a New Update!

Hello Mercenaries,

We're kicking off the New Year with a shiny update! Through our community events, playtests and review of feedback from all angles, we've been hard at work to implement changes that we believe will be most impactful. Many issues are addressed in today's roll out.

The main focus of today's update is on quality of life improvements, improved visuals and performance. We've broken it down into a few categories to make it easier to digest.

Armory Makeover

The number of items players can add to their Armory can be a little overwhelming, so we've given it a makeover to make things a bit smoother and easier to navigate.

Player Taunts



Now that we have the big picture, we can discuss improvements to performance, balance, UI, and more. Because of amazing community members like yourself, LEAP is constantly evolving and will be in a great position for launch! We will be sharing a lot more about LEAP in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Let's take a look at what's changed in the last few months.

Weapons and Abilities
  • M7 Tactical headshot multiplier reduced from 1.25 to 1.1

  • PSF Stinger Headshot multiplier increased from 1.0 to 1.1

  • Concussion LR-TR headshot multiplier increased from 1.0 to 1.1

  • Magnetism radius increased for Avenger AR, Burst Rifle, Incendiary AR, Freedom Fire LMG, Sidewinder pistol, Predator SMG, and Phoenix by 10-15%

  • Improved tree collisions on Haze

  • Added more cover to the Horizon station area

  • Fixed various map issues allowing players to get under the map geometry

  • Rebuilt server browser backend to improve reliability and responsiveness

  • Fixed a Horde mode issue where solo players were not given the correct number of lives

  • Fixed an issue where squad-spawning players could spawn in front of the target player

  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to break out of PVs by using their ultimate ability

  • Fixed a few issues where SFX were not respecting volume control

  • Fixed an issue where the deploy screen would auto-open after redeploy

  • Added a player card to the scoreboard, allowing players to mute voice chat, mute text chat, and reporting functionality

  • Fixed an issue where not all players would display in Horde lobbies

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use the deployable spawn beacon to escape the match start boundary before the match has begun

  • Fixed an issue where a failed matchmaking attempt could prevent filters from being selectable

  • Fixed various issues impacting the reliability of the Party system

  • Fixed a bug where the armory could stay open when being revived.

  • Improved performance on UI

  • Improved render thread performance

  • Fixed an issue where the chatbox could be drawn over top by other ui elements

  • Fixed material issues preventing some skins from cloaking

  • Various level collision improvements

  • AI pathing improvements

  • Fixed a periodic game hitch

  • Fixed artifacts shadows

  • Fixed armory navigation issues

  • Improved post-processing performance

  • Improved kill freed and kill feed performance

  • Improved magnetism and friction for aim assist

  • Fixed a number of unclaimable contracts

  • Improved player spawn performance and AI spawn performance

  • Improved scope performance

  • Fixed erroneous meshes with reversed LODs

  • New crossplay mute functionality

  • Players are labeled per platform

  • Crossplay names are filtered for profanity

  • Duplicate crossplay names are appended with (x)

  • Added toggle to the main menu so players can disable crossplay

  • Fixed localization bugs and translated untranslated terms

  • Improved server browser responsiveness

  • Fixed a bug where the armory played erroneous sounds

  • Various weapon balance changes

  • Multiple stability improvements

  • Improved game-wide text size and readability for TV screens

  • More streamer graffiti added

  • Added an option in settings for controller aim assist to be toggled

  • Graffiti, Taunts, and Banners now use pages to display in armory

  • You’re now able to hide the UI by hitting F2 to snap some pretty-in-game screenshots

Feel free to ask any questions and if you’d like to be a part of our community please LEAP on into the Discord by clicking the link below.

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