LEAPing into Early Access Today!

It is finally time - LEAP is entering into Steam Early Access today!

This is going to be an amazing journey together with new faces and veterans alike who have been following development for quite some time now.

Previously, we mentioned that we have opted to include LEAP in Early Access as we understand that a project such as LEAP requires quite a bit of feedback and iteration. Our vision for LEAP is to provide a fast paced, exhilarating experience for everyone, which can only be realized by working closely with the community.

We have an extensive roadmap planned which we will be sharing with you very soon. There are countless improvements and additions we’d like to develop further as we go through the Early Access program. Let’s get ready to embark on a grand new adventure, Mercenaries. With that being said, let’s get into some of the good stuff coming up.

Save 15% on LEAP | EA Launch Discount

Our work on LEAP has been an absolute labor of love here at Blue Isle Studios. To express our humble gratitude for the showing of support and enthusiasm from players following our development process, we have decided to start off by launching at a 15% discount for early adopters.

Founders Edition

To celebrate the Early Access launch, we have created a special package called the Founders Edition. As LEAP development is on-going we're committed to bringing the best possible version of the game to all of you. The Founders Edition Upgrade allows players to commit additional support to LEAP's development, and as a thank you, we have included some exclusive items and perks to this bundle. Once out of Early Access this option will no longer be available.

The LEAP Founders Edition comes with a lot of cool stuff, including:

  • Exclusive Jojo exosuit skin for each class

  • The legendary Boost Moose personal vehicle

  • A summer ready Exotube personal vehicle,

  • Three player taunts

  • Four weapon keychains

  • 20,000 currency credits to purchase more great items in the Black Market

  • Three single-use 2x XP bonuses

  • Access to exclusive founder's-only events

Patch Notes

As always, we spend a lot of time reviewing feedback from our community playtests and we are working hard to make the EA launch as bug-free and smooth as possible. (but if you find a bug or two, please let us know as we continue to squash them!)

Weapons & Abilities

  • Improved spread and recoil performance for all relevant weapons

  • Reduced tight-aim spread for all relevant weapons

  • Higher overheat threshold, lower player-speed-based-spread for Freedom Fire

  • Remove sniper distance-based damage falloff, increase recoil and decrease projectile speed to compensate

  • Longer range for reconstructor beam

  • Reduce emissive strength of reconstructor beam

  • Reduced plasma cannon effective splash radius per projectile


  • More prop collision improvements

  • Optimizations to special operations waves

  • Improved special operations AI spawning

  • Optimized AI perception and attack ranges

  • Improvements to AI navigation

  • Slight increase to AI move speed for special operations bronze difficulty

  • Increased stomping grounds active location duration from 90 to 120s

  • Increased stomping grounds location activation delay from 15 to 20s


  • Added nvidia reflex support and debug visualization

  • General performance improvements

  • General game mode bug fixes

  • Many server browser improvements

  • UI improvements

  • Ability to disable "auto-clamber" in settings

  • Improved special operations AI shuttle drop performance

  • Improved reward messaging


  • New localization data

  • Faster player class levelling for lower levels

  • Increase special operations XP rewards

  • Health pickups no longer restore player shields too

  • Mech AI HP reduction

  • Pathfinder hookshot range default perk

  • Special operations difficulty-based wave timers now function correctly

  • For all Streamer who participated in our Streaming event during open beta and sent in the qualifying logos, will now graffiti assets added in-game

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