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Open Playtest - Request Access is LIVE

Hello Fellow Mercenaries, or Mercs for short!

Our next open playtest is only two days away, and with that being said we would like to introduce you to our new PvE game mode: Special Operations.

A lot has changed since our first open beta. As a result of all the amazing feedback we received, Special Operations was born. We’ve run this game mode a few times in closed playtest and now we invite you to come in and test out this new game mode for yourself! And for all you hardcore PvP lovers out there, don’t you go thinking we forgot about you. Our Competitive game mode (PvP) will be available as well!

Now pick up those weapons and register for access today! Head on over to LEAP’s Steam Page and click ‘Request Access’ so you’ll be able to participate in the May 6 - May 7 playtest, everyone is welcome!

And while you’re there perhaps add LEAP to your wishlist.

Special Operations Objectives

Team up with your friends or connect with players online as you face off with a slew of intense power as waves of UEDC mercenaries try to eliminate you. This game mode is full of brand new enemies not yet seen from our previous playtests and many different abilities to keep players on their toes.

Game Mode Objectives

Each game objective is designed to send you and up to three allies across a wide array of objectives, each designed to push you to your limits.

Levels of Difficulty

You and a group of up to three allies can LEAP into three difficulty levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each difficulty level ramps up the intensity in a variety of ways, so stay sharp out there!

Powerful Enemies In Special Operations

Agnicorp spared no pennies in hiring the strongest UEDC soldiers to protect their top-secret assets; please take caution while engaging in combat, they will not go down easily.

Let’s turn this over to our very favourite Mercenary, Merc to see what he has to say about the new game mode…

With that being said there’s still a lot more to share with you all, so please tune in and if you have any questions at all we’re all ears! See you on the battlefield soon.

Do you accept your mission?

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