LEAP into Special Operations Mode!

Hello to all our friends and fellow Mercenaries, today is the day we’re setting off on our first closed community playtest. This is an exciting time for us as we’ve been prepping for today in order to introduce our brand new game mode.

What the Horde is Special Operations Mode?!

We need your help! The ever malicious Agnicorp is once again up to something, and have enlisted the UEDC to protect their top-secret research. As an elite LEAP mercenary, you’ve been tasked with taking them down. Squad up into teams of four and fight to bring peace and stability back to planet earth!

Game Objectives

Team up with your friends or connect with players online as you face off against intense power as waves of UEDC mercenaries try to eliminate you! This game mode is full of brand new enemies not yet seen from our previous playtests and many different abilities to keep players on their toes.

There are objectives you will need to follow in order to secure your team with a victory; coordinates on the map will highlight your task, whilst you and your teammates take out all the UEDC soldiers that stand in your way.

Please take note regarding game mode difficulty which is set to Silver by default. This mode is fairly challenging and we suggest starting on Bronze to ease your way into the more difficult modes. Please check the graphic below where to change your game mode.

Powerful Enemies

Agnicorp spared no pennies in hiring the strongest UEDC soldiers to protect their top-secret assets; please take caution while engaging in combat, they will not go down easily.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the new enemies you will encounter:

Specialist - One of those sneaky snakes who like to hide and are equipped with a sniper rifle.

SpecOps - Stealth Assassin… Basically a guy with a sword who turns invisible. Yeah good luck.

Many more enemies await in the shadows, be prepared to give it your all in order to take them down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to stream/record the game? Is it under NDA?

You are 100% allowed and encouraged to stream the playtest and any LEAP content. You are not under NDA for this playtest. In fact if you do stream the game or record it please send it to us so we can review the footage for future updates.

I didn’t get a key, how can I participate in the closed playtest?

Keys were distributed to those who signed up to: playleap.com/playtest and were given out on a first come first serve system and we encourage new interested players to sign up for any future closed playtest content. We periodically hold small giveaways on our social pages, so please follow them if you’re hoping to get lucky. ;)

Patch Notes - 06.04.2022
  • Brand new co-op game mode

  • New cosmetic items

  • Updated player progression

  • World context pings

  • Improved level lighting and effects

  • Increased and improved player spawn locations

  • Improved player revive system

  • Improved server browser and menu experiences

  • Several areas of improved map art

  • Improved audio game-wide

  • Improved collision on many world objects

  • Improved overall squad communication and telegraphing

  • Many misc bug fixes

  • Many misc server and client performance improvements

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