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LEAP 1.0 Launch is here!

Welcome Mercenaries,

We’re thrilled to have you all be a part of this day, so many of you have seen the development of LEAP throughout early access and now we’re happy to bring LEAP into full launch!

Let’s get started with the new and shiny stuff first.

LEAP is now on Consoles!

There's a big splash in the console market today, as LEAP has arrived for both Xbox and PlayStation. The console community will be introduced to an immense market of content on day one with all the latest game modes, maps, PV’s, weapons and mods. Not only that, but we have a lot more content on its way in the coming weeks and we can't wait to share with you all. Grab your copy of LEAP on either Xbox or Playstation consoles.


You will be able to play with your friends no matter if they're playing the game on PC or on consoles. LEAP mercenaries have the option to crossplay to stay connected with both communities. The more the merrier right?

For those who wish to play only against their own platform, you can disable crossplay from the main menu.

LEAP Design Works

From day 1, LEAP is launching with User Generated Content (UGC) and all throughout the coming weeks more mods will be rolling out! To commemorate the launch, we've enlisted the assistance of our dear friends at Overwolf, who will be working with their modders to bring some incredibly cool mods to the game. As LEAP expands, we fully support the community's efforts to create mods that alter the way we play FPS games. LEAP's world is your oyster; dive in and create the FPS of your dreams.

Here’s a sneak peak of a few of the mods debuting today:

Hell of the Mercenaries - by Sky_Systems

Snipers Vs Runners - by TH_Mrow

Hardpoint - by Hyperz

Only Dragons - Eru᛫Ellimist᛫Entreri™

Do you want to make your own mod? You're in luck; the sky's the limit when it comes to creating a mod for LEAP; anything you can imagine can be created in LEAP's mod editor. We've put together some Mod Support documentation to help you out, and if you have any specific questions, feel free to LEAP into our Discord, where our devs and knowledgeable community members are waiting to lend a hand.

Player Progression System

Players can now earn rewards faster and easier thanks to the updated progression system!

We’ve put an emphasis on extra class rewards to provide players with cool items to enhance your battle experience and to try out the various classes.

Bi-Weekly Black Market Themed Updates

As a hired Mercenary, you’ll acquire quite a bit of cash for your work-to-kill job. It’s a demanding time taking out your enemies, so why not splurge a little and treat yourself on some new and shiny items from the Black Market? Items will cycle on a bi-weekly rotation, giving you more time to earn your way to the latest and greatest items.

New Recruit Bonus

This week’s Black Market feature will be riding in style with a focus on the cowboy skin for Pathfinders and their trusted steed the Boost Moose PV Skin. There are some other delicious goodies you may want to pick up for your journey to the wild west, so be sure to snag them like the Cheese themed keychain or Dab taunt that will certainly annoy an enemy after you make your kill.

Twitch Drops

Calling all content creators - we’ve set up a new Twitch Drops campaign! If you are streaming any LEAP content, be sure to let your viewers know they’re in for some awesome in-game swag. Check the graphic below on what you can earn and be sure to link your LEAP account with your Twitch account.

Be sure to check out your favourite streamers in LEAP during the month of March, as we have a Twitch drop campaign with loads of items to snag!

There is more yet to come… But we’ll save that for a bit longer. See you soon Mercenaries! That’s all for now folks, feel free to ask any questions and if you’d like to be a part of our community please LEAP on into the Discord by clicking the link below.

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